Happily sad or sadly happy?!

Mere do anmol ratan, Ram Lakhan nahi…India aur Pakistan! These were my two hot favorites to take the cup home for this time. Pakistan still stands tall but India couldn’t qualify even after snatching victory from jaws of defeat yesterday! Whattey match it was, whattey! Ekdum paisa vasool! Agreed, it was heart wrenching to watch Indian players play with those ‘matam manaying’ faces but I hardly blame them. Ofcourse we can have a big list of ‘If Only’s’ right now but that wouldn’t change anything, right? They did make some mistakes but none were fatal enough to cause this. Luck does play a role, what with WI qualifying by winning mere too matches and NZ losing there matches in the super over. Woh kehte hai naa, allah meherbaan toh gadha pehelwaan. No pun intended! πŸ˜›
Coming to the Australia and Pakistan match, the one i wish i could watch from start till the end! I love to see Australia lose, be it against anyone…yahan toh mera favorite team Pakistan tha! But as it is, i could only capture it in snippets (i have this notion ki if i watch the match, the side i support loses…inane i know, but ab notion hai toh hai πŸ˜› ). I hoped against hope for Aussies to get out before 112, heck they just played to cross that 112, so much for being the sportsmen! But Aussies losing by 33 runs was a sight to behold, something i enjoyed more than WI dancing after defeating NZ πŸ˜› (never should you miss the ending over and the after match action πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ )
But had i been foresighted enough to know that this would set such a high benchmark for India, ma kasam i would have cheered less (yes i do think me cheering plays an important role, i am weird like that). Khair chodo, jab chidiya chug gayi khet, ab pachtaye ka hott πŸ˜› For now its, Pakistan For The Win!!!


6 thoughts on “Happily sad or sadly happy?!

  1. Well India did not deserve to win. We have never made it to semi finals since the first time. I think India needs to change team. I am not sure who to support now but would be good if Pakistan won the cup as they have made it to the semis every time.. so all the best to them.

    • Exactly…pak has qualified for every semi! But they lost to Sri Lanka yaa 😦 ab toh WI should win yaar…! Atleast i’ll get to see them dance πŸ˜›

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