This might be just another post of outrage on the ill-fated incident that happened in Delhi, but then I cannot not say anything. Honestly, whatever be said won’t be enough to condemn whatever was done. Neither will any punishment be compensating enough for the hideous crime. Personally, I demand castration! None of us can actually ever understand the gravity of what the girl’s been through and what her family is going through right now! I pray for all the power to them, that’s the least and maybe even maximum I can do.
The actual reason for this post are two learnings for me from this entire episode. Firstly, when I read what all the girl’s been through, my first thought was I’d want to die had it been me. Yes, I am not strong. Not even close to that miraculously courageous fighter who wants to live and is fighting back the injuries. Big big big salute to her spirit. May she live and achieve everything she wants. Big lesson for all who want to give up after trivial failures. Value your lives, work harder, for you are luckier than many others.
Next, one of my professors said that he really condemns what has happened and is all for death penalty for those responsible but that this is no solution to stopping such incidents. It must be done in this case for we do need a strong example set for all losers who ever think of raping a girl. But that it’s important to know the reason or the thinking process of people who do this. All students were pretty agitated that such people don’t have brains and don’t deserve anything less than death. He further explained that he has been to Tihar jail to conduct a lecture there too and that when he talked to the criminals there, the thing he found in common was that they have been denied love, have faced rejection, never been treated with respect and end up being rebels and criminals. He said such things happen because we people don’t do something that is most easy, love! He, of course, was talking about long-term benefits of changing the mentality of criminals and insisted that we treat people with smile and love wherever possible. Only then will these crimes be completely evicted. He said that during such incidents it’s important for people to be calm. Those assholes were drunk and weren’t capable of thinking straight but the couple could have been calm and tolerated the comments, maybe the incident wouldn’t have happened. I, after pondering over it, thought he might have a point. BY NO MEANS AM I TRYING TO JUSTIFY THE INCIDENT, I AM JUST SAYING THAT PROVOKING SUCH LOSERS HARMS US AT THE END! I, being the impulsive person I am, react immediately to anything that’s happening around me. So for people like me, there’s a lesson that I should be calm and feign ignorance in such cases because those losers might be wrong but maybe a little tolerance on my part will avoid any further ill situation.
Having said that, I’d like to add I am absolutely ashamed to be saying what I’ve said but then again what choice do I have? I love my life, my family and friends love me and if this little tolerance on my part keeps me safe, I’ll take it. But then again, will it keep me safe?


2 thoughts on “THIS MIGHT OFFEND YOU!

  1. being drunk is no reason .. I drink and am DRUNK too I dont go around raping women..
    Drink is just being used as an excuse.. THEY knew perfectly well what they were doing .. SO to me being drunk is not a question ..

    and what does it mean they were not thinking straight.. WELL how were they driving , how did they manage to go and throw the girl and the boy .. how did they hide

    more than the rapists its EVERYONE else who was on that ROAD and saw the fallen girl and the boy ..

    • I already said am not defending at all!! This act, whatever be said, cannot be defended 😦 but I just mentioned that maybe things wouldn’t have been so bad! And boy, those Delhites who crossed and did nothing don’t seem human to me right now..

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