Where are we heading to?

We should really learn to empathize, instead all we do is sympathize! If we knew to empathize, we wouldn’t hurt others. Not so obviously atleast, because we would know how they would feel. What’s priority for us these days is to come clean or wash your hands off the matter or have your say in the matter or opine on the matter and bamm! your duty is over. How the other person feels, what are the repercussions of the matter, repercussions of your opinion or statement, no one bothers about that. Would such stupid statements come from the leaders or God-men if they could empathize? No! They just blurt their mind out. You are a chosen representative, someone people follow or even idealize and these very people are totally insensitive towards us. Would any loser rape a girl if he could empathize? No! Empathy is lost!
We have become so selfish that we don’t even want to think what others would feel! Or so lost are we in ourselves that the other person’s view, feelings, condition are mundane to us.
We, knowing how our mother would feel, say harsh things to her. Very easily hurt our friends and dear ones without realising the wound our actions and words would leave. We, who can’t empathize with whom we claim to love, are claiming that we are sad for someone we didn’t know? Sympathy, that’s all it is. And it is no solution!


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