Pyaar, Ishq, Love…WHAT?!

What is so bloody tempting about love stories that I can’t resist them, no matter what! Come DDLJ, DTPH, HAHK, Vivah on television and there’s no way I’m going to miss it. The most latest addition to the lot being ‘Ishaqzaade’! Oh I absolutely adore that movie. Such beautiful representation of Indian Romeo and Juliet, leaves me mesmerized every single time i watch it! All this is absolute fiction to me…i don’t know if such immense love for other being is humanly possible! I mean, is there a real Prem out there who’ll accept Poonam even after she’s burnt? I have heard of guys setting their girls on fire for dowry. Is there a Raj out there who’ll work as hard to get her Simran? I have heard of guys opting to elope rather than trying to convince the families. Is there Rahul out there who’ll wait for Pooja even after she says no? I have heard of guys killing the girls who refuse their proposal! Not trying to be pessimistic but just wondering, is that ‘forever and beyond’, ‘mills and boons’ love really possible? Ofcourse I have my mom and dad who are the most live and apt example right in front of me…a little pain to one and the other is just as worried and concerned as one would be for one’s own self! But their’s was an arranged marriage, so they had all the support and time to grow and fall in love! Okay, i have examples of love marriages in front of me where parents were against it but their live triumphed and now they are living happily with everyone’s support. And I even have friends, hopelessly in love. But that’s beyond the point, I also wonder about how can one feel this way. Yes, I am so curious about it because I have never been in love. It’s not like I don’t believe in love, that can’t be true. A maha filmy soul like me can’t stay aloof to believing in love. I do believe in love but to love just one person till such depths?? What makes one fall so hard?? I am pretty moody and a big sucker for my-time. So will I ever give up all that?? Seems unreal to me! There are no two ways about how filmy I am, so I sometimes actually wonder does love actually cause insomnia? I don’t like plucked flowers, am totally against it…will love change that? I don’t remember dates, very bad with them…will love make me memorize those?? I asked a question to someone relating to this. I asked ‘what if the other person isn’t compatible to me? What if we are poles apart?’. I loved the answer, it was ‘loves makes things perfect. Look at it this way, being poles apart can probably be the best thing that can happen, you’ll both complete each other. What’s missing in you, will be present in him and vice versa’. How cute an answer is that now! But the reality still is to be known and I am just as curious πŸ˜›


17 thoughts on “Pyaar, Ishq, Love…WHAT?!

  1. My replies based on my thinking : Finding this one in real world must not be difficult : “Rahul out there who’ll wait for Pooja even after she says no” . I know that it’s rare but there must be many examples (A famous actor Sanjeev Kumar for that matter, if i’m not wrong).
    And overall a nice post :), but i’m confused as to if you are confused about yourself ? as in do you contradict yourself often? πŸ˜›
    And if i ask myself the question as to will things change for a one person? and specially in such depths? My heart answered to me: Yes! as i love kids too much and i will give 1000% love to my kids, same goes with the one soul i will get attached to.

    General feedback will be appreciated πŸ˜‰

    • Why would you choose that particular one to not be difficult? I think it’s difficult because of the ego baggage guys generally carry! Sanjeev Kumar? Why?
      I am the eternal confused soul, yes! I may sometimes contradict, changes with things I learn and face daily…where did you feel I contradicted??
      And love for kids, but obviously dude! I am inquisitive about ‘ishq wala love’! Happy to know you’ll be so adjusting for your better half πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • It is said that after being turned down by Hema, Sanjeev died bachelor for her.
        About contradicting, i will tell you some other day.
        There is no pattern as to what is ‘ishq waala love’, jay and aditi din’t knew that what they share is ‘ishq waala love’ (Courtesy: JTYJN). I think that it happens first and later one realizes that they have fallen into it and depth is subjective.

      • Oh I din know this!!! Waah, kya pyaar tha!!!
        And btw, I wasn’t pondering over pattern and all…i am just amazed at how people change so much and love one person so honestly!!! Jaane Tu mein they were lucky to be friends first…din have to change and gradually they fall in love πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ mast movie hai ❀

  2. I think that if you truly believe in love then one day you will definitely fall in love n it mite not be the filmy types but it will be more realistic kind of like your parents’ πŸ™‚ n liked your take on pyaar,ishq, love… πŸ˜‰

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