Happy Women’s Day!

Today is women’s day. A day to celebrate, the larger than life, womanhood! I always think why do we need women’s day?? I mean I preach equality, so then why this?! Why not a men’s day as well. Better give us the equal status daily, that’d be much better than this one day. Lets face it, you cannot just thank us in one day 😛 But then I realized that it’s a very pessimistic approach with which I was looking at it. And then I thought over why would it be so grandly celebrated globally. A little pondering gave me a satisfying answer. Precisely saying, we women are special! Way special. Special because of our compassion. It’s said, a women has love running through her veins not blood. It’s only a women who’ll love you inspite of your flaws, faults, who’ll not be credited but would still do all the work anyway, who’ll love not only her own but other children as well, who’ll cry at the movie but be strong emotional pillar of the family, who’ll demand bargain in everything except love. Darn, such qualities do demand for special day! So I wish to every women I know, a very Happy Women’s Day!
What i’d also like is to address all men.

To the people from mars,

Hi! I’d like to chuck the pleasantries and get straight to the point. Have you ever imagined how you’d survive a single day without the women of your life? You think it’d be easy? I bet no! I think major of you, while you read that question would have thought ‘yeah, people from venus keep reminding us about how important they are’! Now now, can we help it? That’s how lame-headed you people are, you always need reminders and heavy duty lectures to realise our value! You think you work hard? Imagine coming home from a supposedly tough job and heading straight to cooking dinner for your family! Daily! Isn’t that tougher? My mom does just that! And mind you, she’s a teacher…a job so tiring you can only imagine! To manage a class full of students is way tougher than your air conditioned brain storming sessions at office. And still I’ve never heard her saying ‘i am not going to cook today’! Yes, she gets irritated at times. Who wouldn’t?! Hell, I would throw a hundred tantrums if in her place! So just stop giving the ever-so-shitty excuse of your job for not helping your mom, sister, wife! If you go through your day smoothly, it’s because of the women in your life. We women have a general tendency to lean on you. It’s not like we can’t do stuff but we love it when you people do it for us. It’s not our weakness but our natural inclination for your support. We love it when you praise us, we love it even more when you are praised by others. That’s how we are! I can simply go on to write pages about how much more ‘cooler’ we women are than you but you probably already know that! It’s time you make us feel special every day, because that’s what we are, special!

Thankyou, people from venus!


2 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day!

  1. Women power! \m/ :-*
    I love the line “we love it when you praise us, we love it even more when you are praised by others” 🙂

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