There is this certain episode in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series. Episode from season two, named the one with the list. In that, Ross makes a list of flaws in his girlfriend and childhood crush Rachel, so that he can choose either of them. He lists the reasons why he should not be with Raechal and later on Raechal finds out about the list. Here is a little piece of conversation from it:
Raechal: Imagine, all the worst things you think about yourself and the only person you trust, thinks them too. Not only thinks them but uses them as reasons to not to be with you.
Ross: I want to be with you inspite of those things.
Raechal: That’s mighty big of you Ross.
Ross: Now see, if you would have made a list, there still could not have been anything that you would write that would make me not to be with you.
Raechal: Here is the difference Ross, I’d never make a list.
If I have to describe how I feel right now, it would be similar to the guilt Ross was in when he realised his mistake and let me tell you, its not great. We accept people with their flaws, never rule them out because of those 😦 😦


2 thoughts on “Guilty!

  1. How is it that you make posts that i can relate to? :O i think something very similar recently? not a nice feeling. still trying to shake off the guilt but aren’t you supposed to rather not be with someone than be with them and not like them? :/

    • Heyy we all have flaws, right?? How would you feel if someone close to you shuns you for your flaws? It’s only better to be calm and talk it out!

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