I sometimes think that maybe, just maybe I am not normal. Things that should not bother me, occupy a large space in my pea sized brain. Things that only take mourning for few hours for others, keep me sad for too long. Things that I see coming, shock me when they come. Things that don’t affect people around, make my blood boil. Things that people laugh off, pinch me at times. Things that make people angry, sometimes make me laugh. Subjectivity? Maybe. But to such lengths? Don’t know. I think its moments like these that affirm that closed doors of my heart with a Godrej lock, size of a human head, work better for me. It keeps me immune and happy. I don’t let many people in anyway. But things keep on going wrong with the people that have already managed the entry. I don’t like holding people responsible for making me sad. No one should have that much power on you, so as to make you sad. A few people have that power on me. And they never make me sad on purpose. Maybe it is time to mend that list…maybe it is time to snatch that power away. Maybe…


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