A thing about sharing!

Friend: It is not that easy to share.
Me: I think if you trust that you won’t be judged, it’s pretty easy.
Friend: Yeah. I agree.
Conversation happened and is over. But I am still stuck at it. We all have that one person we can share our stupidest thoughts and even our darkest sufferings with and we know we won’t be judged. If it is so, how come there exists a concept of personal diary? Why do suicide notes reveal more than the person ever did? Why is it that we tell stranger things we haven’t told ourselves? How come we fail to truly voice our opinion, feigning disinterest? Why do we sometimes not share the most important thing with the most important person? Why do we say it is okay, when it never is? Why many things are typed and deleted without sending? Why there exist unsent drafts?
It isn’t like we do not trust people. We do. Well, I do. But I can’t bring myself to tell every single thing to them. Why? I don’t know. Everyone of us has that treasure (thrash 😛 ) full of thoughts we’d never let open. Why? I don’t know.


9 thoughts on “A thing about sharing!

  1. Lol…. u have described something that we all go through nd how…!! awsum… also thanks to ur friend for the conversation without whom this write up wouldn’t have been possible ..:-P

  2. Should i share my comment or not ? What will happen if author judge me ? Should i keep my reply to myself or let her follower know what i am thinking about this blog ? What if she get me wrong on this ? what if she get offended with my comment intentionally or unintentionally ? Why i am typing and deleting right-away? Should i or should i not ?

  3. Omg..!! This is so great..! I’ve experienced every single incident that you have mentioned and how…!! I guess you cannot share everything with everyone though having that heart to heart talk does help make you feel better.. !! In such cases Personal Diaries work best..!! Books are truly Man’s best friend..!

    • Thankyou 🙂 yes I agree completely with you…that heart to heart helps but sometimes we can’t bring ourselves to do that! And you too have personal diary?? 😀 books are truly the best 🙂

      • Books are the best! And all my best friends are pretty self dependant and private people, I can’t reveal anything. And FYI, curiosity kills the cat!

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