The one who never falls ill!

Mom. She never falls ill. She does, but we never really get to know. And if we do, it’s because our routine is disrupted. From morning till night, ill or not ill, she is a non stop machine that does all the work, even our own. They say being a housewife is the most tedious job, with no real holidays. Well, my mom works and manages the house too. And me and my dad are no real help to her, she never asks for help and we don’t realise when the work gets done. And this woman, my superwoman, overslept just one day. One day she wakes up late, because of the medication and it affects us all. There’s no milk, the milkman left as no one answered. No newspaper. Tulsi is not watered on time. Maid gets late as mom couldn’t help her like she always does. Dad gets late to work for he has to find his own belongings. Dad leaves without breakfast, mom still hands him an apple. She even wanted to apologise for the delay (what is she really made of?). She works at double speed and by the time she has to leave for work, all is in place. I merely told her to take leave and rest, her answer totally stumped me. She said, there are 80 students in my class waiting that are my responsibility and I can’t not go because of mere fever. When she’s back, I suggest she ate light dinner and me and dad will order food. She retorts that dad already ate out the whole day, so dinner will be homemade. And the routine continued.
I am simply in awe every time my mom does something like this. I, personally, believe that every woman is gifted with some superpowers by God. Powers she uses for all unselfish reasons. Powers that are way under-rated. Powers that the woman doesn’t accept she has. I am really proud to be brought up by one such superwoman. A superwoman who never falls ill. I am sure so are you 🙂


5 thoughts on “The one who never falls ill!

  1. A mother will never ever think of herself first before her family…Its always family first for them…!! If we can even have 1% of the dedication our mom’s have.., we will most definitely be the greatest human being on earth……!!!

  2. Exactly! Mothers synonym humility! But not just as a mother but a woman is exceptionally caring, loving and compromising as a wife too 🙂 and totally, if we follow our mom’s principle and mannerism, we will be so much better!

    • No wonder i call my mom motherindia 😉
      All moms r motherindia actly not because dey r possessive bt really caring n too much loving who love der kids n a whole family unconditionally no matter what! ..indeed they r a super woman as u said 🙂

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