It’s all about love…NOT!

We all need love. When it comes to love, we all are end consumers. People say it’s love what we live for. We seek love, in any form. So did she.
He gave her attention, she loved it. He pampered her, she cherished it. He complimented her, she accepted it. He was like an addiction, she got addicted to it. He was the flame, she was the moth. He demanded, she refused. He changed, she ignored. He was rude, she ignored. He fought, she made up. She confronted, he shouted. She was upset, he ignored. She stopped talking, he didn’t care. End of story.
When life isn’t all roses, we hold on to the only rose we see with all our might. Even if it is full of thorns. Only to realise later, it isn’t even ours. We can’t see the truth because the lie soothed us or maybe we don’t want to see it. We choose to ignore the obvious signs of it all being a deceit with a hope it might turn good. It’s true, sometimes addiction, even to humans, is so strong that knowing they are wrong, bad, not worth it, we still can’t shun them. Don’t give in to the temptation, don’t fall for the cover. I suggest you share, whenever in such dilemma, share. Tell your friends. Take their advice, their help. Overcome the addiction. Difficult but not at all impossible. Know that you deserve better. And to all leeches playing with other person’s emotions, karma is a bitch. Wait till it attacks you.
But something to ponder. Who’s at fault here? Girl who couldn’t gauge the guy’s lousy treacherous character or the guy who tried to misuse a girl’s innocence and plight?


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