Hospital. Place where lives are born, treated, given and lost too. One place where you’ll find varied emotions at once. Someone’s happy for they have a new arrival in family, someone’s sad for someone might leave them soon. Personally, I find hospitals a little too depressing. There have been a few times I’ve been admitted. During those times, except for the bloody injections, all was good. People come to meet, you are pampered. Nice nice. It’s depressing when someone you know is in there admitted due to some illness. You feel threatened to lose people, people you love, care about, people you never expected to leave. This feeling kills us even before the actual loss. Every moment is anxiety filled yet hopeful. Anxiety until everything is good. Hopeful until it’s all over. Hospital is the only place I think even an atheist might be spotted praying. But to go through it all is hardship.
It’s all suddenly very gloomy as I see my nani treated by doctors. It ain’t a desired sight to see the person who raised you, taught you, loved you is lying at the mercy of machines and doctors. Morose. It’s tougher for my mom, to see her mom like this. Everybody says, age does that to people. I agree too. Ny nani is close to 90, she’s lived a healthy life as yet. But that fact doesn’t make it any easier. Losing someone is never easy, hospitals sometimes make it difficult!
I hope you get through this real quick nani!


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