The book I am reading currently has this quote ‘Everything in the world is maya, an illusion. The ultimate truth to realise is that we actually need nothing. Because to possess an illusion is as good as possessing nothing’. This was said in response to the offer of help made. What I want to know if it applies to attachment with people as well? Is attachment to people an illusion too? Do we still have nothing when we have few who love us, whom we love? Does even that equivalent to nothing? I don’t think so. Because if that was the case then being away from someone you are attached to wouldn’t hurt this much. If it really meant nothing, it wouldn’t feel like a loss when it’s gone. And we wouldn’t feel this happy and complete with loved ones around.
I asked this entire thing to mom and she told me that what it actually means is don’t let things affect you to a level that hinders your life and occupies major part of your brain. What she added was that to her this sentence seems to convey attending nirvana which though nice, isn’t the only solution to problems. If you are attached, be attached not just to good times but bad times too. Accept them. Do not question the roots of relation. You won’t always have light, darkness is inevitable for without it light won’t be that meaningful. True, isn’t it?!


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