When feisty cries!

There is this girl I know, fierce, loud, frank, bubbly, strong, all in all ekdum dabbang!! I was sitting with her working over something when I started hearing sobs, I looked in every direction except where she was sitting. I was sure she would not cry, not here, not with me around, but by now you must have guessed it that it was indeed she who was crying as she is the heroine of my post and it took me full 2 minutes to digest the fact. When I did digest the fact, I did not know what to say. Now here, no one gets to judge me. I had my reasons; firstly I don’t know her all that well personally, secondly, of what I knew there were full chances I would be shouted at for catching her crying and lastly, I am not that experienced at handling crying girls. But I did manage a feeble hey in her direction. She actually smiled through her tears and said ‘I am okay’. I said, ‘Indeed, a very pretty picture of okay you are’. She smiled and told me that she is anything but perfect, that right now she is far from perfect. She has a brother who earns too much and a sister who earns even more, both highly qualified and well up and that she is the only black blot on family, with plain graduation, that she had failed some higher exam again and now she would have to see the disappointment in her family’s eye AGAIN!. She said ”I agree my brother and sister are too talented, brainy but I am not. How can they force such expectations down my throat?? It is not like I am not trying but does the blame come down to me if the results are not positive. Do they think I want to fail? On purpose?? Actually, I don’t think there is a God for He would have had mercy on me by now, I have friends who have cleared with lesser efforts so even if He does exist then He is with them’. All this while there was nothing I had said. She looked hurt, broken and lost! I did not know her family so I could not comment on them. I did tell her that first and foremost she needs to make peace with herself. She needs to accept and love herself. No one is perfect but to not love oneself because you are academically a tad bit lower than others is being unfair to all the good that exists in you. She said, ‘I have no choice but to condemn myself. When so many people have a certain opinion about me, what choice do I have but to believe they are right’. Before I could say anything she stood up and told me not to worry, it is just momentary weakness that’ll pass and she left.
I don’t know if I could have helped her any better had she stayed there. I don’t even want to know because I was gloomy for hours post this ‘talk’ and do not wish to gloom over ‘what ifs’. We all can debate over this for hours, who is wrong and why! But that won’t change the immense sadness and heartbreak that girl went through. So what is the point??? Thing that is going to stay with me is the image of a girl behind that tough exterior. A lost, gloomy, crying girl who needs acceptance and love from her family. Not pretty.