I’d take that bullet for you!

Yeah, I will. There are few souls apart from my family for whom I’d take a bullet, my extended family. Now I have written you all messages and more, smiled with you, cried with you and I need not do more! I have never hidden the fact of how much you matter and this is yet another way to tell you, you rock!

‘My partner in crime, my soul sister,
our best selfie is your DP on twitter,
be it pizza “corners” or that sadistic evil,
in sickness and health, my darling devil’

‘Now lets talk about you, “sweet” heart,
I could not think of a more fitting start,
cook, craft, draft, dance you can do it all,
laughter and care, your permanent stall!

Drama, tears, laughter, fights and jibe,
that’s what works as our relation’s spice,
people will come, people will go,
together we will be, that’s what I know!

You are absent, but I believe you care,
if and when you need me, I’d be there,
trust me, we don’t need the usual fanfare!

With you, I do not message or talk,
I am a bad friend, that’s hardly a shock,
but yes you are one of the few,
I would happily take that bullet for you!

You are new in the lot but seem like the oldest,
Sometimes saint, sometimes stupid, hard to digest,
my drinking buddy, our plans are bright,
first lets just get your ‘madam’ alright!

You are the oldest, still anew,
funny as hell, baba that’s true,
sweet and sour, our friendship in gist,
may we have tons of fun, on this tryst!

You were gone, now you are back,
our fraaaandship is now on track,
your are smart, simple and witty,
lots of love, your “Aditi”!

No drama, no fuss, simply there,
this one is for you Ms. perfect hair,
With you I share all my secrets without fear,
you never judge and that’s clear!

What do I write, what do I state?
Firstly just know, I love our ‘dates’,
my ‘go to’ person, sometimes your jokes bore,
you know who you are, need I say more?


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