Talk to me!

Do real conversations happen? There was a time when there were electricity issues with no invertors or generators. I remember how we neighbours use to gather at one place and talk, share stories of past, funny instances. I miss that. There was a time when we all friends met, no reason, just met and talked. We never needed an occasion, we never made excuses. Its been a long time I actually got down to discuss with someone about how they are doing, I am too busy to ask, they are too busy to tell. We read updates on our friends, speculate why that is updated and forget all about it, I miss when we tortured the friend for all the details or that we were specially told and did not get to know through an update. Now what we get is ‘I was about to tell you, got stuck up’. Things were discussed and decided rather than being decided and told. Doubts were shared, not googled. There was a time when we talked about ourselves without feeling conscious and overbearing about it. We shared our likes and dislikes, stupid thoughts, guilty pleasures. We talked. I miss that. Do real conversations happen?


4 thoughts on “Talk to me!

  1. Hi Pooja….
    You always brings something interesting and loving stories…….. I’m die hard fan of your blog….!!

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