What’s your passion?

Are you passionate about anything in your life? A strong feeling about something. That treacherous yet soothing feeling to do the thing that you feel you are made for. That burning desire to chuck everything and everyone else aside. A desire that makes you feel incomplete and complete at the same time. A desire as strong and forceful as it might be, once fulfilled calms you in the stickiest of states. A passion that tells you that all is not lost when you are in your worst situations. A passion that is your companion, your better half, something that would never betray you. A passion that is a balm to your wounds, that cheers you up, that fills you with happiness to the brim. A strong desire for something that consumes you completely. Consumes you so much, it becomes a part of you. A part that aches if not fed properly. A part that craves for attention and you love attending to it. Something as addictive as a drug; a drug with no bodily harm. A part that you cherish, love and revel in!!
This is how I feel about my books. A little late though I am but with no lesser emotion, HAPPY WORLD BOOKS DAY!! They are my passion, my books. What’s yours?



Big day tomorrow Mumbai. Let’s go out there and vote!!!! It’s not just another holiday, not just another work day either. It’s the day on which you do your bit for country. A country you hate, crib about, detest, find flaws in but love it all the same. Time to have our say, time to voice our opinion, time to take a stand! Why vote?
Trains are too crowded?
Trains are not frequent enough?
Potholes on roads?
Water problem?
Load shedding?
Uncleared litter, over flowing dustbin on roads?
No security?
And so many more issues. What’s your complain??
You can’t complain unless you vote! Can’t say they not doing their job if we haven’t done our bit! So go vote, vote to crib but vote! They represent us, we choose that government. We have the power. That small vote decides it all.
I am not saying anything you haven’t already heard, not doing anything great, we already know this. I am just reminding you of your basic duty. Let’s have the largest turnout ever!
Please, go vote!