Big day tomorrow Mumbai. Let’s go out there and vote!!!! It’s not just another holiday, not just another work day either. It’s the day on which you do your bit for country. A country you hate, crib about, detest, find flaws in but love it all the same. Time to have our say, time to voice our opinion, time to take a stand! Why vote?
Trains are too crowded?
Trains are not frequent enough?
Potholes on roads?
Water problem?
Load shedding?
Uncleared litter, over flowing dustbin on roads?
No security?
And so many more issues. What’s your complain??
You can’t complain unless you vote! Can’t say they not doing their job if we haven’t done our bit! So go vote, vote to crib but vote! They represent us, we choose that government. We have the power. That small vote decides it all.
I am not saying anything you haven’t already heard, not doing anything great, we already know this. I am just reminding you of your basic duty. Let’s have the largest turnout ever!
Please, go vote!


10 thoughts on “VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

      • Agreed, also some will overwork despite the team having holiday. God bless!
        Also on the complaints, I have a few to mention:
        Pollution (inspired by ongoing Earth Week)
        Power to all (Electricity)
        more Policing (believe the Police dept. is under staffed)
        Thanks for hearing out.

  1. Yes, that’s the first thing tomorrow morning on my agenda. Will go to vote without carrying mobile, come back home, click a selfie and show the world by 9 am that I have done my karma of voting at least this elections. 🙂

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