Enroute reality!

I don’t like where we are heading.
When I thought of gifts, I thought of what will make the other person happy; now I am asked to think of what will be useful to them.
When I thought of meeting friends, I simply ordered them; Now I need to tell them in advance, plan and then too it’s not sure they’ll make it.
When I was ill, everyone knew, pampered and cared; now they don’t even know I was ill.
When we fought, we sorted it out; now we just move on with no mention of that topic.
When we were hurt, we complained; now we pretend like it didn’t hurt.
When we decided on things, we thought of everyone; now we look just at our convenience!
We discussed with an open mind; now we are stubborn, merely agreeing to disagree!
We cared about what others want; now it’s about how is it going to benefit me!
We loved; now it’s give and take.
We showed love through actions; now it’s customary words here and there.
We had an untold no secrets pact; now there is stuff we always keep forget telling.
We followed share and care; now we follow live and let live!
I don’t like where we are heading.