Lucky enough!

It’s a hassle, this life! Every day a renewed challenge, every decision a new battle. What gets you through it? What makes you get up every morning to go through the same ordeal? There has to be that something or someone or may be many reasons and people why we want to strive harder and win! I am talking about that motivation, the guiding force behind your survival! Mother’s love, father’s glare, teacher’s expectations, girlfriend’s insistence, wife’s demands, child’s future or sheer feeling to just achieve! It can be anything, something you know or something you unconsciously hold on to. That hope, that desire to be a better someone! Stick to it, however weak the resolve might get! For me it’s my mom, her mere existence is enough for me to keep breathing! What’s yours? Also, tell me you do know we all are luckier than so many others, right? There is an orphan roaming on road with no full clothes, a family going to bed with only water to satisfy hunger, a girl who instead of being admitted to college is raped, murdered and hanged on a tree, a girl who has graduated opts being an escort or a prostitute as that’s the only choice! So while you think your life is hard, pause in these moments of weakness and think about those others who probably have it tougher than you! And there are many such stories that will wrench your heart. More than anything else, live because you have been given this life by the Almighty. Live each moment as you are His favorite kid, you always will be! Before you think about how left out and unloved you are, know that by thinking so you refuse to acknowledge His love for you! It might be tough for you now but sooner or later this too shall pass 🙂
Why am I blabbering all this? Because one, I always blabber. Always. Two, I just wanted to remind you that you are special 🙂 🙂