A little about stories!

We meet people as we cruise through our busy lives doing busy things like busy people in a busy world. We touch so many lives, our life touched by many more! You don’t know where, why, how or with whom your paths intersect, until they actually do! Intersections that create moments. Moments that are futile and forgettable, moments that are epic and life defining. Life is, after all, a bunch of nows! At such intersects we end up meeting some people that make it to your story. You know like your grand life story? A story that is a collection of small stories with people you meet, who don’t just touch your life but become a part of it! People happen to us all the time! Lovely, nice, funny, bad, tragic, boring, nose-digging, snoring, pompous, rude and awesome people! Some abandon you, some hurt you, some don’t love you, some don’t get you and we fight and hurt each other, all making a different story! Some stories are so tragic that you wonder why you really started them, some so damn funny that you don’t ever want them to end. Endless stories! Stories that shape up who you are, change you with time, sharpen you and calm you. They make you, you! I love my stories and my people. What I don’t like are the unfinished stories, no one does. But then it leaves so much to imagination! I can think of so many possibilities and even though I could not get my story, I get and own all these ideas! Ideas that might just inspire me to have the greatest story ever, because it is just unfinished and not yet over! So no, I am not really letting you go even as I see you go! I love the idea of you and the idea of a story with you! So, until we intersect again?!



I am a sincere person. I can’t help it. I love my job. I overwork without anyone asking me to because I actually believe it’s my duty to complete the task at hand. I absolutely detest making mistakes. It upsets me, a lot (maybe slightly more than what must be normal standard upset, if there is one)! I feel guilty for smallest of bloopers. Bloopers precede my long face day. I think I am weird, or maybe just a lucky someone who happens to love what she does?! This I think, or rather I know, isn’t the case with everyone. I see people openly hating their job, while they are at it. Doing the work casually, as casually as I tick the ‘I accept the terms and conditions box’. They don’t regret their mistake, they don’t try to think how to avoid it going forward. Maybe I am this overreacting, neurotically hyper, psycho with a conscience the size of an elephant or whatever but, HOW CAN YOU NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT A MISTAKE? Sometimes I crave such casual-I don’t give a damn-it is just another job attitude. Then just when I try to apply it, there’s a part of me that says it’s wrong and I wouldn’t want anyone doing the job I assign to them this way (I know what you are thinking, I too think I’d be a terrible boss) and I go back to being sincere! People look at me and I think I understand that look, it says ‘dude, she’s weird’! To have someone look at you that way for being sincere is not a great feeling, those are the moments where the need to be casual is at it’s peek! I wonder if I am suffering from a split personality disorder where this one part is too dominating, suppressing this version 2.0 of me. Now I am just being dramatic about it.

I have completed this post and re read it, I think I could have summed it up in one single line. I am a nerd.

PS: Wondering about the title? You know how every word brings a picture in your head? Like apple and you picture apple. Blimey brought a picture of this big round yellow smiley face who has it’s eyebrows raised, eyes wide, nose flat and mouth contorted, exactly how I feel when I think about people thinking I am weird!!


Preppy Guy: I need a drink too. I’ll get you a drink too.
Ellie: Honestly what if I enjoy the drink. What happens then?
Preppy Guy: I’d love to hear what you think happens then.
Ellie: I’ll tell you what happens then we go play beer pong with your two roommates until I end up back at yours in Murray hill.
Preppy Guy: Yeah, that’s right how’d you know that.
Ellie: Yeah then I have to listen to your roommate have sex with Hilary, or Emily or whatever the girl’s name is, until we fall asleep. And then a year later we’re still playing beer pong in the same bars with your friends except now you feel pressured to get married and have kids because you think that’s what I want.
Jason: Then in the summers you drive up to the Hampton to meet his parents wondering the whole ride if they’re going to think your pretty enough.
Ellie: Smart.
Jason: Wondering the whole ride if they’re going to think you’re smart enough.
Ellie: Because no one is and then we have to drink shitty chardonnay.
Jason: At a shitty garden party.
Ellie: And have shitty conversations.
Jason: About shitty people.
Ellie: With his shitty mother.
Jason: Who let’s face it doesn’t think you’re smart enough.
Ellie: Pretty.
Jason: Let’s face it, doesn’t think you’re pretty enough.
Ellie: Because no one is.
Jason: No one ever will be.
Preppy Guy: What’s all that shit, I’m just talking about a drink.
Jason: Yeah, but it wasn’t just a drink though, was it.
Ellie: It was a marriage proposal.
Preppy Guy: Woah marriage , nah. It was a vodka soda. Alright fuck you guys then.[preppy guy walks away]
Jason: Drink?
Ellie: Yep.