I was thinking about the numerous thoughts that zigzag in my head at one point and they are really so many that I also think about why am I thinking of so many things together or why am I even thinking about a couple of them at all because they are so futile that they can certainly be put to oblivion and never be thought of as that is exactly what they deserve and not to mention that this will leave space for thoughts that do matter like the petition for dogs that are being killed in China for some sick ritual as if we aren’t already doomed to hell because of so many other things we have done and so many other things that should be done but we don’t do which makes me think of all the things I am yet to do and I certainly can’t go to hell before I have been to NYC or before my BFF gets married or before watching ‘the secret life of pets’ which is releasing so late that it hurts and if the movie is coming out so late, the trailer shouldn’t be out this early as I can’t stop thinking about it and yet another thought is what I can’t afford just like I couldn’t afford losing my FSOG bracelet yet lost it and it still stings even after I have the exact same new one now as it was more about keeping my favorite things safe than having a new one and to be honest I do think that if I wouldn’t have found the new one I would have definitely slipped into depression but I have the bestest friend who didn’t let that happen and would never let that happen as long as it’s in her hands and that is why we all must have real, true and best friends as they won’t judge you but just be there even while you are being crazy and weird infact specially when you are being crazy and weird which is why it hit home when Sam said to Charlie, ‘C’mon, let’s go be psychos together’ and it’s thought like these that make thinking worthwhile!