About those tequilas!

We love talking about missed opportunities, at least I do! All the times that things went wrong and bad. I am so eager to count the stuff I miss out on that the things I get to do remain not spoken about. So I don’t want to talk about the lemons we get but the tequilas that we take them with! Can I first just say the obvious and get done with it? This year is going too damn fast!! If only I knew how to put in a comma somewhere! Where would I put the comma though? Where would you put the comma in your life if you could? Food for thought alert!!!! Uh where was I? Oh yeah too many tequilas in this super speedy year! I thought I’d only ever keep rambling about how I want to try everything, travel everywhere and have experiences and stories to tell and never actually do it but this year I have actually got the chance to do it. I got the opportunities and I grabbed at them with both my hands. There are so many things from my ever increasing bucket list that I got to tick off. The feeling to actually do something you have always wished with all your heart can’t be explained. It truly is just you grinning and your heart feeling that epic happiness. It made up for all the times I cried, times when I was wronged, rejected and all the times I was written off as a girl who merely blabbered. And it’s not just me, people all around me are doing things that seemed far fetched when they started. My best friend is going to get married to the guy her family was against with their blessings. Now that is one hell of a yummy tequila right?! The other friend who thought there is never anything good that could happen to her is running her firm fabulously and having a beautiful experience while at it (I hope she knows what I mean)! We all have our own versions of lemons, I didn’t even know there are so many types of lemons to start with. Or maybe there aren’t, they all taste the same. They taste of grief. It’s great when a friend who was wasting her degree as she wasn’t allowed to work is now literally backbone of a big shot firm and has a guy who loves her to depth. Now there is one more person who is probably at the lemon stage now and she never complains. I hope she reads this and knows that the tequila she wants for the coming year will surely happen and I sincerely hope I have it with you! Did we all do something out of the ordinary? No, we are simply trying to do what we want. And at the end, it is as simple as that.