Big day tomorrow Mumbai. Let’s go out there and vote!!!! It’s not just another holiday, not just another work day either. It’s the day on which you do your bit for country. A country you hate, crib about, detest, find flaws in but love it all the same. Time to have our say, time to voice our opinion, time to take a stand! Why vote?
Trains are too crowded?
Trains are not frequent enough?
Potholes on roads?
Water problem?
Load shedding?
Uncleared litter, over flowing dustbin on roads?
No security?
And so many more issues. What’s your complain??
You can’t complain unless you vote! Can’t say they not doing their job if we haven’t done our bit! So go vote, vote to crib but vote! They represent us, we choose that government. We have the power. That small vote decides it all.
I am not saying anything you haven’t already heard, not doing anything great, we already know this. I am just reminding you of your basic duty. Let’s have the largest turnout ever!
Please, go vote!



The book I am reading currently has this quote ‘Everything in the world is maya, an illusion. The ultimate truth to realise is that we actually need nothing. Because to possess an illusion is as good as possessing nothing’. This was said in response to the offer of help made. What I want to know if it applies to attachment with people as well? Is attachment to people an illusion too? Do we still have nothing when we have few who love us, whom we love? Does even that equivalent to nothing? I don’t think so. Because if that was the case then being away from someone you are attached to wouldn’t hurt this much. If it really meant nothing, it wouldn’t feel like a loss when it’s gone. And we wouldn’t feel this happy and complete with loved ones around.
I asked this entire thing to mom and she told me that what it actually means is don’t let things affect you to a level that hinders your life and occupies major part of your brain. What she added was that to her this sentence seems to convey attending nirvana which though nice, isn’t the only solution to problems. If you are attached, be attached not just to good times but bad times too. Accept them. Do not question the roots of relation. You won’t always have light, darkness is inevitable for without it light won’t be that meaningful. True, isn’t it?!

Rainbow crow!

Because they are always associated with negative things, I got curious about crows. The result being a beautiful story that proves yet again, not all good is appreciated but someone has got to do it anyway. A crow is criticised for its hoarse voice, for its black color, it’s also said that crow bites when you lie. Poor creature. But ever thought why is it so? No? Read on:
The Native American legend of the Rainbow Crow was one i read a few days ago, and the story fascinated me. In a time when the world was in darkness, and plagued with bitter cold, causing illness, hunger and death, where no animal would survive, it was decided that a meeting with the Creator was in order, and the strongest and bravest of the birds was selected for the task, and also the most beautiful one of them all; The Rainbow Crow, whose plumage in shimmering colors of rainbow hues, was more magnificent than all the birds in the sky, and he sang more beautifully than a nightingale. He flew thousands of miles till he met with the Creator, who out of admiration and pity pushed a stick into the blazing sun, and handed it to the Rainbow Crow, who flew back to earth with it. But, the journey was long, and the burden of the fiery stick was heavy, its scorching heat burning through the stick, burning the crow’s feathers, till they were as black as soot, the smoke from the flames settling in his throat, killing his song forever, just as he plunged through the sky and entered earth. The fire brought heat and warmth, the snows melted and there was water to help fertilize the land, and all the animals rejoiced, except the crow, who sat apart, saddened by his loss. Till he heard a voice in the wind, and the Creator spoke to him: The animals will honor you for the sacrifice you made for them, and man will not hunt you because your flesh is charred and will taste like smoke. Your voice is raspy and not fit for beautiful song, so you will never be held captive, and can always fly free. The Creator then touched the crow’s black, smoky feathers, and they began to shine with gloss, while inside each one, the faint shimmer of the rainbow glowed, and would always remain but would seldom be seen.

Here’s a perfect lesson. In fact many lessons. Don’t judge people by their appearances, there’s always more to it. You do good, you get good. You might be criticised, don’t take it to heart for the one who criticizes doesn’t know what you’ve been through.
The story might just be a figment of imagination but the lesson is worth remembering 🙂 🙂

Amusing fable!

Okay so here is something that I read very recently. Maybe many would be familiar with it already. Say it whatever, story, fact, joke, the motive is to convey the message (Sunlo sunati hun tumko kahani..! I just couldn’t resist saying this :P). Here it goes..

A husband and a wife were riding a donkey..
People look at them and comment.. What kind of people are they? Poor donkey.. He must be dying under their weight. On hearing this.. The husband gets down.. The wife riding the donkey alone..
People now say.. What kind of wife is she.. Riding the donkey herself, while the husband is walking on foot.. The couple exchange places then… Husband on the donkey, wife on foot..
People are still dissatisfied and ask.. why would a husband ride himself and let the wife suffer.. Listening to all this.. Both of them get down, walking with the donkey.. People look on and say.. Kitne bewakoof log hain.. Gadha saath mein hai, phir bhi paidal chal rahe hain!!

Do I need to spell out the message? I guess I should (lest someone ponders over why they rode a donkey and not a horse). People will always have an opinion. They’ll always be dissatisfied. Half of them have a very nosy nose to interfere in everything while the other half might not even know the circumstances but both cases will opine (ab free advice toh har koi deta hai, even Mr. Ranchoddas Chanchad or should i say Mr. Phunsook Whangdu woh bhi with the demo). Don’t let your decision change, don’t let your resolve falter, not when you are sure of being right and certainly not because of such baseless comments. Woh kya hai naa, when elephant walks dogs bark. (OMG! Were they riding an elephant?! 😛 ). As i have been taught, don’t be a football of other people’s opinion (ye bhi free advice hai, le na hai toh lo warna jane do 😀 after all maine toh demo bhi dia hai).

PS: I successfully overcame the urge to name this post, ‘ek fable aisa bhi’. Yayyy! This post script doesn’t count as giving in to the urge na? Or does it? 😛

About blazing desire..!

Don’t just exist, LIVE!!
Such an overused line this is these days…jo dekho yahi gyaan deta hai..! Live each day like its your last, live life to the fullest, dance your way through life! Boss, easier said than done! People who follow this are mostly the one’s who always have had their way with things. Mostly.
When Geet in Jab We Met said ‘mere toh yahi maan na hai, ki hum life mein jo bhi sacchi mein chahte hai na, actual mein, humare saath wahi hota hai’ i instantly agreed with her. Blame Kareena for being so convincing.
I am contradicting myself already, ain’t i? Let me explain. Its not easy to be happy and accept life the way it is and go on about it merrily. But no one, i repeat no one, can stop us from achieving what we want. Our heartiest desires do come true. Its all about how badly do we want it. It might take time for some to achieve it but if you want it, dil se, there is no way you can’t have it. Because if we want it from all our heart, we won’t just sit, pray and wait till our prayers are answered. We will work towards achieving it. Similarly, if we want to be happy, from heart, no one and nothing can stop us.
Those who wish to sing, always find a song – Swedish Proverb. It summarizes the essence of this post. Ever thought about how desperately we study just the day before our exams?! Like our life depends on it, na? Each minute is suddenly so precious. Because it’s on that day that the we feel the full blow of our desire to pass and most of us get through. Because we want it badly and work towards it, so earnestly that we get through. That’s the intensity with which we must desire to actually achieve what we desire. Almost like we might die if we won’t achieve it. Then there is no stopping! But most of us, including me, wait for our tail to set on fire only then do we go in search of water. Then the search is with such fierce desire that there is no way we won’t get water. The moral from the example is pretty much clear, we need to desire adamantly. Unfortunately its not until our desire is on the verge of falling in death grave that we realise its intensity. So dream, dream to be big…desire to achieve that dream! Many say that one should be practical, even while dreaming. That it’s foolish to dream something out of our reach. I contradict. Dreams are wishes our heart makes. And to be practical in dreaming is foolishness. Dream big, desire bigger…work towards it! You would be surprised to know how much you can achieve.
If we listened to our intellect, we’d never have a love affair. We’d never have a friendship. We’d never go into business, because we’d be too cynical. Well that’s nonsense. You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down – Annie Dillard


She was loved by all. Everyone wanted to be with her. She was vibrant in nature. Good company to be with. She never knew hurting others or so she thought. She wanted people to be happy. It made her happy. But making everyone happy is not possible. Only if she knew this. So the one’s she couldn’t make happy thought of her as biased. Maybe true. There were a few she absolutely loved to see happy. Her heart soared high in happiness when she saw them happy. So she tried more for them. But in process some were ignored, never intentionally. Though not on purpose, people were hurt. Hearts grew apart. Some of them. That’s when she felt it. The distance, the heartache. She felt it all. She didn’t know what went wrong. She could sense people drifting away. She tried stopping them only separating the already distant hearts. She was accused. She tried to explain, she failed. She tried to match up, she failed. Maybe trying too much was the problem. But she couldn’t help it. She never wanted this. It broke her. But there were those who still loved her. They supported her. She needed it. Seeing people who once loved her, who she loved, loathing her, blaming her wasn’t easy to live with. But then there were those who cared for her, genuinely. She needed them. She could survive seeing them happy. She would be the way she is, for them. She just existed, pretending to live. Pretending for those who loved her. Pretending to be happy. She thought it was easier, easier than admitting that she was sad. That would require reasons and explanations, leading to more heartache. No. Pretending to be happy is easy. Yet sometimes the pretence fades, revealing the real her. She cries. Sometimes its okay to let the tears flow, she feels. But she soon gets back to pretending. She hopes and wishes that maybe someday she’ll be so perfect at pretence that she might actually end up being happy.

Hum Tum (You and Me) !!!

Now there must have been numerous articles, debates, blog posts on this topic. And why not, the topic is interesting enough for everyone to have a say. Anyway Indians are famous for having views and giving free advises. That is a reason why twitter, WordPress, Facebook are full of people sharing their views, some even without knowing about things 😛 But that’s another story for another day. For now I better stick to this topic.
It is quite tough to start with it because too many thoughts clouded my mind just as I started thinking about this. I have heard boys saying that girls always find flaws and reasons to fight, then I wonder why all boys keep on cracking jokes, trying to prove they are witty, on all the issues they have with girls. The way may be different but both a guy and a girl crib. Lets talk about something boys seem to be having major problem with. Shopping. It must have been ages but guys just don’t stop complaining about shopping their moms, sisters, girlfriends, wives do. Personally I hate shopping but I still believe that girls/women are justified in shopping more than guys. Dude, we have options and so many of them. Also as a guy don’t you boast about your wife or lover when she looks good. Strange, you want your girl to look good but can’t help her with it. Huh. And the sweet and pretty home you bring your friends, colleague or other guests to is sweet and pretty because your mom, sister or wife shopped for hours trying to find best suited thing at the cheapest price. Try doing that sometimes, I bet you’ll never crib about them shopping. You guys should, on the other hand, be grateful that girls love to shop. It makes things all the more easy. I agree that having the patience to shop is not a guy thing. But Guys, if you can’t help them, big deal, girls can and have always managed. At least don’t crib or joke about it.
Next big thing is sports. Guys love sports, that’s hardly a secret. But I have even seen numerous girls who love sports too, not as much as guys though. Girls, most of them, have been found complaining about boys/men giving more importance to matches or video games rather than them. Girls, you should be happy that it’s just a game or sport and not another girl. And we can go on and on and on about who finds wrong in the other. A guy and a girl don’t think same and wherever there are differences in thinking, values, choices, the differences in opinions is ought to happen.
The point is how beautifully one understands and accepts these differences. And yes to me these differences are very beautiful. Both a girl and a guy are unique and rightly so. I don’t like the cliché debate girls and boys are equal and blah blah. To me they are different and have different places in society. It should be emphasized that both must be given equal rights rather than proving they are equal. If there are things that a guy can do which a girl cannot then there also exist things which girls can do but guys cannot. And it’s so much better this way. Who said a girl cannot propose (in fact some girls have done it) but girls love it when a guy takes initiative and proposes. Similarly, girls can very well open car, hotel, mall doors but they expect their guy to be polite and chivalrous (not always though). Also not all girls will agree to the above point. There are few hardcore feminists who won’t. Some guys love to be the decision makers. It doesn’t mean they are doubtful of a girl’s ability to decide but they just like having the last say.
Girls understand emotions better than guys while guys are physically better than girls. Together they are perfect. Girl adds emotion to a relation while a guy adds security and protects it. It’s not that guys aren’t emotional they just have a hard time showing it. Also girls can be defensive but they want their guy to do that. So I have no qualms admitting that I am officially out of ‘girls and boys are equal’ debate. I believe they are unique in their own way and should be given equal rights.

Food For Thought!!!

I was just wondering that is it good to share what i read?? Or will it become too messy?? I mean sometimes a simple sentence says what an entire post cannot..!! Is it not worth it to share such thoughts..?? 

Here is what made me ponder all this and share it:

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Yes it is from Bible. Doesn’t this small sentence say a lot?? Won’t life be so much simple, positive and pleasant only if we can practice this?? For example, say what we would love to hear and avoid saying things that would hurt if told to us. I know its hard but what is the harm in trying. Lets make world a better place to live in 🙂 🙂 🙂

Baa Dum Dum Dush!!!!!

Happy Diwali everyone:-) 🙂
It’s so wonderful na the way we have so many Gods in our Indian culture and each God is worshiped in its own unique way. Diwali is celebrated in India because the great lord Rama returned home after completing banvas. But do the kids today know about this? I mean all they know is that on Diwali they have to wear new clothes, party and yeah burst the crackers. What about knowing the culture and its importance? Is anyone interested in that at all? Not knowing culture and just enjoying for the sake of it can still be tolerated but bursting crackers and causing so many problems. Sound pollution, noise pollution and the mere fact that those crackers are made in a factory where small kids are made to work is so disturbing that each time someone lights a cracker I feel like stabbing that person with the knife. Huh. Anyway this post is to share two things. Tragedy and hope.
I think I will go with the tragedy first.
This was the incident narrated to me by a professor. He told that the kids in his area got crackers worth rupees fifteen thousand. Imagine. Rupees fifteen thousand to bloody see the fire flames? Err. But that is not that big a tragedy that am talking about. One of the kid was moving back after lighting the cracker on a usually quiet road where there are not many vehicles moving. But as he was moving back he got hit by a two-wheeler. And he is seriously injured. I mean who exactly is at fault? The kid who wanted to enjoy? The driver who was just going his way? Or the parents to recklessly allowed their kids? Whoever at fault, the harm done is just too gross.
Now lets move on to the hope part..
K had come to greet me for Diwali and I had the most lovely conversation with him.
K: Di, Happy Diwali.
Me: A very Happy Diwali. You look handsome K. Lovely outfit.
K: Thankyou Di. Its my own choice. And now am going for dinner with family.
Me: That is nice. And tell me you must have got lots of crackers na?
K: No. I did not.
Me: oh. Why K? Going to get them now?
K: No Di. I am not going to buy it this year.
Me: *shocked* why?
K: Di. You had explained me last year giving many reasons. But I liked one of them the most and thought about that and didn’t buy.
Me: Which one?
K: I should not waste the money just to see the flames. I can see them when others light it. They anyway won’t stop lighting. So why waste my dad’s money.
Me: That is awesome K. Listen to me now, I am very very proud of you baby. Let me tell you that you are also helping little kids when you don’t buy crackers.
K: How is that?
Me: They make children of your age work in factory of crackers. That is not good na. You enjoy and they slog.
K: That is very bad Di. But can I ask something?
Me: ya sure.
K: Those kids earn by working there?
Me: Ya. But why?
K: If I don’t buy crackers then the factory will be closed then how will those kids earn? What will they eat?
Me: *shocked again* K, there must be some way. And tell me when you are studying why do you want them to work and earn? They should study too na?
K: My dad has money, so I study. How will they?
At this moment, K’s mom called him. And he ran away.
Trust me, I thanked God that he went. I mean I had no answer to that question of his. Neither could I tell such a small kid that its their parents that make them work there so that they can live, drink and survive. I couldn’t have burdened my little boy with all that. But seriously what is the solution? How can this endless vicious circle of poverty which is resulting in so many problems? I am here using my laptop to blog about the problem those poor little kids face but what they feel is known only to them. They probably don’t even know what fun is. I don’t think I will be able to drag this depressing thought further. Time to get into action and stop this.
But HOW??!!