Slut Next Door!

Hello to my lovely progressive thinkers, this one is especially for you. For those who have a conservative thought process, you are most welcome to read on and be enlightened that perhaps yours is the most popular and hence correct viewpoint. I am loud, sometimes crass, misfit and very unladylike. Okay punish me for being loud but what on earth is misfit and unladylike? I sit with my legs open because it is comfortable and not because I am inviting a dick into my vagina. Is that clear enough? I work at office till 2am, sometimes even 6am and then take a cab home. I reach office at 11am and work my ass off till late because I like my work and it is important to me. Please try not to degrade it. I go on solo trips because I like to travel and there is no hidden agenda in that. I can say yes to travel with just about anyone if they are trustworthy, doesn’t mean I am an easy catch. I am a girl, not a ball. There is no such thing as an easy catch. Please don’t confuse my interest in traveling as my interest in those I say yes to travel with. Yes, I might guffaw too loud at a lewd joke, why is that a problem? It breaks my heart every time I or any other girl is subjected to this torture. Soon enough, they will attack to break our spirit too. Please, just stop. My parents are very supportive and kind people who have only ever encouraged me with full trust, they do not deserve to hear such trash. They are scared to let me do things alone, they have to calculate my safety at every step and yet they allow me. Least of all, respect that. You have no clue what I have been through, so you should not have any opinion on me. And those of you who know me and still have this opinion, please stop flaunting your support for girl empowerment. You are nothing but a hypocrite masquerading as a preacher of a cause you don’t actually support! Like a wise guy once said, “Excuse me! Ye lijiye aapki soch. Mujhe giri hui mili thi.”


Where are we heading to?

We should really learn to empathize, instead all we do is sympathize! If we knew to empathize, we wouldn’t hurt others. Not so obviously atleast, because we would know how they would feel. What’s priority for us these days is to come clean or wash your hands off the matter or have your say in the matter or opine on the matter and bamm! your duty is over. How the other person feels, what are the repercussions of the matter, repercussions of your opinion or statement, no one bothers about that. Would such stupid statements come from the leaders or God-men if they could empathize? No! They just blurt their mind out. You are a chosen representative, someone people follow or even idealize and these very people are totally insensitive towards us. Would any loser rape a girl if he could empathize? No! Empathy is lost!
We have become so selfish that we don’t even want to think what others would feel! Or so lost are we in ourselves that the other person’s view, feelings, condition are mundane to us.
We, knowing how our mother would feel, say harsh things to her. Very easily hurt our friends and dear ones without realising the wound our actions and words would leave. We, who can’t empathize with whom we claim to love, are claiming that we are sad for someone we didn’t know? Sympathy, that’s all it is. And it is no solution!

Fajiti !!

Some days back i had a ‘come irritate me’ session at my house. It was a jam session by my little friends to prove that i am old, boring, useless and well ‘pichdi hui’. Basic motive being to insult and irritate me. Yeah! Trust my band of Stupids to end up convincing me that i am all of the above! Hmph!
I was busy reading a novel when my neighbour and friend, Ashu (in eleventh grade), came and smacked me on my head.
Me: why did you hit me? That’s no way to say hi. Huh. *smacks him on shoulder*
Ashu: Oh do you expect me to come and actually ‘hey’ you politely? Who does that? We are not old.
Me: Whatever Ashu, what do you want? Am reading so don’t disturb.
Ashu: You talk like my grandfather who gets irritated exactly like you when i ask him something while he is reading newspaper.
Me: *glares at him* Excuse me, no one likes to be interrupted while they are reading. It’s not about age. (look at the nerve of the kid, straight comparison with grandpa, i mean jeesh!)
Ashu: Which world do you stay in? I love it when anyone interrupts me in my studies, be it my maid. Not just me but my friends too. I need an opportunity to be disturbed, to take a break. Trust me naku (that’s what he calls me) you are getting old.
Me: *rolls eyes* Umm.. Look, you might like that because it’s not your favorite subject dude. This novel is pretty interesting.
Ashu: *touches my head to check if I have fever* You are losing it my friend. No subject is interesting compared to play station. And that novel is around 400 pages, I’ll faint if i ever have to read it.
Me: (i wanted to bang my head to wall for even trying to put sense in him) umm…yeah! So what brings you here anyway? (the earlier I get done with him, more the chances of me surviving with a fully working brain).
Ashu: See, you are getting old.
Me: *eyes wide with shock* what did I do now?
Ashu: only elders have a prior reason to meet people, i just came to irritate you like always. (he playfully slapped me. Yeah he is taller than me and he thinks that just because he is taller he can hit me, the fact that I am six years elder to him doesn’t matter).
Me: *pushes him hard* don’t hit me, it hurts. And i asked you the reason just incase you have forgotten it, you know the desire to irritate me taking over the real reason. (I had an urge to do a victory dance for throwing an insult at him but I merely smirked at him).
Ashu: Hahaha (he laughed like a madman).
Me: Care to share the joke?
Ashu: *still laughing* You.
Me: WHAT?!
Ashu: You are the joke. You think its tough for me to irritate you that I’ll desire for it? I can do it anytime. To me it’s as easy as sitting on a swing for a baby.
Me: *fuming* DON’T TALK TO ME!
Ashu: See how easy it is!
Me: *ignores and starts reading*
Ashu: You have new songs in your cell?
Me: You think I’ll give you, even if i have them?
Ashu: Are you saying you won’t?
Before I could answer, another neighbour ‘K’ (sixth grader) enters. Trust me if K wouldn’t have entered, we were heading for a wrestling match.
K: Hi di. Hi Ashu.
Me: Hi K. How are you?
Ashu: Oye, why din you like my latest DP on FB K?
Me: *stares with wide eyes*
K: You uploaded a new one after that aviators one? I didn’t notice.
Ashu: Yeah, just an hour back. Do check, like and comment.
Me: You just did that an hour back and you asked him like its been ages.
Ashu: You won’t get it, you have gone old. (both him and K laugh).
Me: *eyes wide like saucers* K, are you laughing at me?
K: No, no, no! He laughed, so mujhe hasi aa gayi.
Ashu: He is scared, but ask me, yeah he laughed ON you.
Me: *hits ashu hard on head with pillow*
K: Di, you still aren’t there on my FB friend list!
Me: yeah, you know its pretty boring to me…i don’t go much. Anyway send me a request, i’ll accept it.
Ashu: Naku’s getting old. La la la la la.
Me: Shuddaapp!
K: You have kept your DP na Di? Or else many will pop up in search!
Me: umm…yeah! No, it’s of my fav heroin.
K: Why don’t you have your own DP?!
Ashu: Naku’s getting old. La la la la la la (both laugh).
Me: Just like that, do you have your DP? I’ll find and send a request.
K: Ofcourse i have, I am holding a guitar…it has many likes.
Me: *awkward smile*
Ashu: It’s useless to add her K. She never ever likes or comments on any pic or status.
K: It will increase my number of friends at least.
Me: *watches them with my face a complete ‘O’ of shock’*
I go back to reading and thank God that they both start checking something on Ashu’s cell.
After few minutes, munchkin (my mom’s student, in third grade) enters.
Munchkin: Hi Di.
Me: Hi baby. *hugs her* you know you are my sweetest friend *gives a dirty look to Ashu and K*
Munchkin: Thank you! What are you reading?
Me: Aww. You are also smarter than many others you know (says it loudly). I am reading a book by Dan Brown.
Ashu: Munchkin, are you on FB?
Me: *looks daggers at him*
Munchkin: Yes. Yes i am on FB! I have my DP, just search my name and send me a request.
Me: *watches with jaw almost touching floor*
Ashu: Close your mouth and read your brownie ka book.
Me: Its Dan Brown you moron. Munchkin, you asked me about book na? Should i tell you about it?
Munchkin: Yeah, I wanted to ask ki till when will you complete it? When is your exam on it?
Ashu and K have laugh holding their stomach.
Me: It’s a novel baby, you know a story book. (sends a prayer to all Gods above to make her understand).
Munchkin: Oh! Don’t you forget what you read earlier as you move ahead?
Me: Umm…why don’t you go and study? *it’s just a bad day*
Munchkin: You know i talked to ‘G’ yesterday.
Me: err…he is in london darling!
Munchkin: So? I talked to him on FB!
Me: *stunned* you had a facebook chat with him? (i needed a confirmation that i heard it right)
Munchkin: Haan. Kya hua? You have never had a facebook chat kya? We can talk to people anywhere Di.
Ashu: Naku’s getting old. La la la la.
Me: *slaps Ashu* go and study munchkin.
Ashu’s mom calling his name from common passage.
Ashu: Shit! Naku, i need salt. Mom asked me to get it.
Me: WHAT?! I asked you but you…
Ashu: *cuts me half way* stop lecturing me oldie, give me salt.
Ashu’s mom enters.
Ashu’s mom: Ashu its been half hour, where is salt?
Ashu: I asked Naku but she din give it mom.
Me: No aunty, he just…
Ashu’s mom: Ohho! Pooja read the novel later no, and Ashu beta, pooja can’t cook and knows nothing about kitchen so how would she know anything about kitchen. So make sure you ask aunty (my mom) next time.
Ashu: Yes mom. Naku’s useless.
(At this point I seriously thought of checking my self in mirror for any indication on me that said ‘i am publicly available for any insult you need to throw, no offense will be taken and its FREE FREE FREE’)
Ashu’s mom: Pagal (waves dismissively at Ashu and leaves).
Ashu: *smacks my head and runs*
Me: *sits dumbfounded*

Mr. Leech

I always feel that I am blessed to be a girl. But some people just want to ruin it for me. Want to make me realize, by every chance they get, that being a girl is not a rosy journey at all. It is due to these people who the debate of girl vs boy ever came into existence. There exist a kind of men, some loser pathetic obnoxious moron men/boys who think they are superior just because they are male. Ew. Dude, firstly that thought makes you the worst person ever.
I am talking about the kind who are so desperate that they can’t resist teasing a girl walking on the footpath. Girl sitting in a ladies compartment visible from their seat is, according to them, something they own and they can look at or comment on them as much as they want. Girls driving scooty are a toy for the kind of people I am talking about. Addictive toy. They never miss playing with them. And yeah some girls ignore them, some remind them of their mothers and sisters. But that seems to be having no effect on them. Sheeaa. Any girl getting married to such a leech, I pity you.
Sometimes ignoring them seems the only option left. Because in these kind of people too there is a sub-kind. There are some who if see the girl retaliate, will stop. While for some the game becomes all the more interesting, like the only motto left in their life is to irritate, tease and humiliate the girl who objected on being teased. How is the girl suppose to know which guy belongs where? Trying to stop them risks having them all the more interested. Some just don’t fear the presence of people around. Apparently a guy doesn’t have to bother that, right? Because obviously everyone will end up saying ‘zarur ladki ne hint di hogi’. Which girl would like a roadside leach to be interested in her? It simply is a win-win situation for boys.
No girl deserves to be treated that way. None at all. The guys who think that teasing, suppressing or dominating a girl makes you macho, go die. It makes you sick. You really deserve to wear bangles. You know why? Because you feel the need to use a girl to prove your manhood.
Respect her, protect her and prove you are a gentleman. She is no toy of yours to play with whenever you wish to. Just because she is tolerating you, doesn’t mean she is scared, no. She doesn’t find you worthy of being corrected. She can very well crush your ego with that sandal of her’s. But she doesn’t have an ego to need an ego massage by crushing your ego. She is dignified, not egoistic like you. Get it?

Hai ye maya..!

Money! Umm…i guess i have never really talked about it before..! And i seriously don’t know what really got me a sudden feeling to ponder over it… We all agree that money is important, paisa bolta hai…hehe (i hope we do agree)! But how important?? This is what i have been trying to find an answer to! I have not really started earning money yet so may be my view will all be delusioned or one sided or hypothetical! Besides i am more of a “listen to your heart” and not “listen to your brain” kind of person. So it might be a little less practical.
Firstly, I get pocket money. Yes am 20 but still get pocket money and i find it completely right because i don’t earn so i should not have the right to spend lavishly either. And my parents make it a point to make me give them all the details of what has been spent where. I have been grounded by them whenever i have spent recklessly. Secondly, I mostly go on shopping with parents (I call them my ATM), so there are not many chances of me overpaying for anything or purchasing something useless. Neither have i ever been to a vegetable or food market to know about the current prices or notice inflation, if any. Nor have i taken a real interest in other basic things a house needs like milkman, newspaper, etc. So technically i don’t have much knowledge of how valuable money is. I might judge its importance correctly wrongly. Aate daal ka bhav abhi samjha nahi hai mujhe basically.
What i know for sure is that i dont rate it as the most important of all. Now that maybe because its easily available to me (some say you need to live in crunch to realize the value of money). But i still believe that i don’t want more and more of it. If i like something, i wish to get it. But i don’t really go about it blindly. If its not worth the mullahs i don’t take it. I do feel bad but not for long. I have never really dreamt of earning loads and loads of money. I might have dreamt of fame but not of money. But how else will i get an IPhone…hehe! I mean we all know the famous joke:
Money may not help you buy happiness,
but its always better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle.
And it is true. We need money and dreaming to earn it is not bad. It turns bad or ugly when its earned by wrong means. Earning more at the cost of your values, how valid? Or by cheating others? I don’t even need to mention the number of scams that have come up. What is it all for? Money. Itna paisa lekar jaoge kahan?? Huh. Its all the matter of ‘want’ changing into ‘greed’. Numerous cases of murders have been filed, murders committed for theft. Extorsion cases. Frauds. Children cheating their parents, siblings cheating on each other. All for money. Why? Is money more important than relations?? More important than your conscience? You might have all the money in the world but if you have anyone besides you to share it, i strongly believe its useless. Waste paper. Earn money to get your parents a house at a calm place rather than taking all they have and enjoying it alone. Besides, nothing is permanent. The money you have today might be gone tomorrow. And if you believe it can never happen to you then you, my friend, are living in a superficial world. Also, money might be there who knows if you are not? (Unless you are a vampire :P). So stop running after money like its the only thing in the world.
Lastly would like to share something i found pretty intriguing, its by George Eliot:
“It seems to me that we can never give up longing and wishing while we are alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them always.”

PS: I know I am immature and have not yet realized the value of money but if realizing its value will make me greedy then I guess I am happy in my protective shell of immaturity. 🙂 🙂


Isn’t it like the season of letters?? Of course the virtual ones..!! So i thought why not join the trend and took this opportunity to write a letter to the little kid in me.

Dear Kid in me,

I adore you. Not just me but you have few other fans too. But unfortunately you have more haters than lovers. There are a few things you need to get right.

– Firstly stop reacting the way you feel. Learn to pretend. Dont show that you are angry, no way. Matured people get angry only on serious issues and not on something like someone teasing your friend. Nah, that is immature. Your friend can deal with it. Be a diplomat or even better ignore anything such happened. There is no need to be a kid trying to protect and defend something he loves.
– Dont let your face be a mirror to your heart. The feelings you express freely without any fear are often taken as offence. If you don’t like a certain thing someone just bought, don’t make it obvious. Try the subtle hint thingy. You will be in their good books. I have heard its important. *Networking se hi kaam banta hai, Sabse bana ke rakho*
– I know you enjoy music. So you tap your feet or do a little jig with your hands no matter where you are. But that is wrong. You are grown up now. Growing up probably takes away your right to enjoy. Image ka sawaal hai, samjha??
– Matured people have ego. And big ones. If you can’t massage it, at least don’t hurt it. I know you wont mind if someone (genuinely) forgets to inform you something. But no you can’t forget. It hurts the ego of matured people. And they probably thinks its intentional.
– Dont shout or laugh loudly. That is cheap. You will be laughed at. I know you probably don’t care but trust me you should.
– Dont cry. That is taken as a sign of weakness. Even though all it symbolizes is that you are sad or hurt. *Natak* that is how it’s usually described. So control.
– There will be times that you wont understand a certain adult joke. Pretend you know what it meant and fake a laugh. Or be ready to answer *c’mon, don’t lie that you did not get it, you are not that innocent*. Being innocent is a rare thing and probably a crime too. Toh use google but don’t ask living people.
– The word katti is banned. It doesn’t mean the same these days. I know that you use katti to tell the one you care for that they have done something wrong and its time to make up for it. But no. Now if you tell people they are wrong and stop talking, they might just never come back. So be carefull.
– The next piece of advice is confusing to me as well. I’ll give it a try. Umm, try not to be the bubbly and free-spirited self you are with everyone. You would be called desperate. But if you don’t talk or gel around you sure as hell are going to be named ‘arrogant’. So even i am confused what exactly should be done.

I know it’s too much to ask for but that is how you can be famous (among mean people who don’t give a damn about you), lovable (fake love by fake friends), graceful (so what if it’s suffocating) and most importantly MATURED. I have been told that maturity is nothing but learning to act in public. So you need to learn that. My heart aches to say but its better you don’t show up.

“Matured me”

Baa Dum Dum Dush!!!!!

Happy Diwali everyone:-) 🙂
It’s so wonderful na the way we have so many Gods in our Indian culture and each God is worshiped in its own unique way. Diwali is celebrated in India because the great lord Rama returned home after completing banvas. But do the kids today know about this? I mean all they know is that on Diwali they have to wear new clothes, party and yeah burst the crackers. What about knowing the culture and its importance? Is anyone interested in that at all? Not knowing culture and just enjoying for the sake of it can still be tolerated but bursting crackers and causing so many problems. Sound pollution, noise pollution and the mere fact that those crackers are made in a factory where small kids are made to work is so disturbing that each time someone lights a cracker I feel like stabbing that person with the knife. Huh. Anyway this post is to share two things. Tragedy and hope.
I think I will go with the tragedy first.
This was the incident narrated to me by a professor. He told that the kids in his area got crackers worth rupees fifteen thousand. Imagine. Rupees fifteen thousand to bloody see the fire flames? Err. But that is not that big a tragedy that am talking about. One of the kid was moving back after lighting the cracker on a usually quiet road where there are not many vehicles moving. But as he was moving back he got hit by a two-wheeler. And he is seriously injured. I mean who exactly is at fault? The kid who wanted to enjoy? The driver who was just going his way? Or the parents to recklessly allowed their kids? Whoever at fault, the harm done is just too gross.
Now lets move on to the hope part..
K had come to greet me for Diwali and I had the most lovely conversation with him.
K: Di, Happy Diwali.
Me: A very Happy Diwali. You look handsome K. Lovely outfit.
K: Thankyou Di. Its my own choice. And now am going for dinner with family.
Me: That is nice. And tell me you must have got lots of crackers na?
K: No. I did not.
Me: oh. Why K? Going to get them now?
K: No Di. I am not going to buy it this year.
Me: *shocked* why?
K: Di. You had explained me last year giving many reasons. But I liked one of them the most and thought about that and didn’t buy.
Me: Which one?
K: I should not waste the money just to see the flames. I can see them when others light it. They anyway won’t stop lighting. So why waste my dad’s money.
Me: That is awesome K. Listen to me now, I am very very proud of you baby. Let me tell you that you are also helping little kids when you don’t buy crackers.
K: How is that?
Me: They make children of your age work in factory of crackers. That is not good na. You enjoy and they slog.
K: That is very bad Di. But can I ask something?
Me: ya sure.
K: Those kids earn by working there?
Me: Ya. But why?
K: If I don’t buy crackers then the factory will be closed then how will those kids earn? What will they eat?
Me: *shocked again* K, there must be some way. And tell me when you are studying why do you want them to work and earn? They should study too na?
K: My dad has money, so I study. How will they?
At this moment, K’s mom called him. And he ran away.
Trust me, I thanked God that he went. I mean I had no answer to that question of his. Neither could I tell such a small kid that its their parents that make them work there so that they can live, drink and survive. I couldn’t have burdened my little boy with all that. But seriously what is the solution? How can this endless vicious circle of poverty which is resulting in so many problems? I am here using my laptop to blog about the problem those poor little kids face but what they feel is known only to them. They probably don’t even know what fun is. I don’t think I will be able to drag this depressing thought further. Time to get into action and stop this.
But HOW??!!

Six Super annoying things about men!!

I read this article by Nandita Ravi in TOI few days back. Found it pretty interesting and amusing so sharing it..

Ball scratching: In public. Or even in private. The less said the better. Not just gross and embarrassing, but makes you wish that the earth would just open up and swallow you (or him, depending on how mad you are). Farting and burping also fall in this category. Trust us, that’s just not the way we want to know what they had for lunch!

Road rage: Especially against women. How is it that the men always assume that a bad driver has to be a woman? Yes, we might have our leverage with traffic policemen, but that doesn’t mean that we travel in amoebic speeds on the road. Pay some attention next time; it just might be one of your own behind the wheel.

The male ego: Fragile is the word that can be used to describe the male ego. Other words that you can use for the same are huge, confusing and even downright deplorable. Here are a few examples of what men think are great ego boosters – vrooming on a bike in the middle of a traffic jam that’s a mile long, making a woman feel about three inches tall, confusing two diverse terms like possessiveness and protectiveness… the list is quite endless. Annoying as hell isn’t it?

Dirty talk: Or even talk in general. What is hilarious is when they tread on tough topics like ‘giving each other space’ and ‘it’s not you it’s me’. Not only do they not have a clue about what they are saying, it sounds downright made up, to say the least. And please, dirty talking and bad mouthing is just not the way to flirt. We hate to break your bubble. It is absolutely revolting.

Sheer dumbness: Here’s a familiar scene. You are arguing like crazy with the guy you are seeing and at the end of what seems like hours, he asks you, “So what is your problem now”. What have we been screaming for the last four hours, retard? Sounds familiar? We don’t blame you.

Selfishness: An annoying thing about men is that they live in this little world of their own, where they think that the world revolves around their central axis. Breaking news. It doesn’t. Though you might think that everything is about you, it unfortunately isn’t. Respect the fact that we have a life that is independent of your likes and dislikes – that is all we ask.

All you men/boys please read and understand.

PS: I had lot of sadistic pleasure posting and reading it. Ha!

Har local ab Ek Chalis Ki Last Local!!!

Its high time someone must come up with a movie or a book on experiences of travelling in trains of Mumbai during the rush hours.. Its becoming ugly, tedious and a danger to life experience with each passing day.. It does seem a victory catching the train you were scheduled for, well at least to me it does. It’s like a mission you know. Mission reach office and mission reach home in one piece (it’s a modern mission, fancy clothes are allowed). There have been days I have missed five or six trains because I could not get in them. And mind you the train which I got after missing those was so damn full that I could barely move after getting in.. As my friend puts it, need a compressor better than winrar? Try Mumbai trains. Earlier this was the issue with only peak hours, as in the time when people usually go or return from office but now not only have the peak hours increased but even during the rest of the day trains are full.. Meri toh samajh nahi aata, how can every train be equally filled like a glass of water filled till brim with no place even for a drop more. That’s exactly the situation! Now once I saw one lady slapping the other while she was getting down and later got to know that they had had a little squabble in train. Yes women can also resort to physical harms. And there was this other time that after I got in I was told that a particular lady wasn’t allowed to get down by another lady because she didn’t give her seat. Yeah its a true story.
And that’s just about getting in the chuk chuk, picture abhi baki hai mere dost or for that matter ye toh sirf trailer tha! All the victorious feeling you get on being able to catch the train goes wooof in the air when you get a stamp on your feet with six-inch heel of girl adjacent to you or when a punch lands (mind you it can land anywhere) on you gifted by the lady ahead of you (people travelling in virar local or khopoli local would know exactly what am talking of.. And just as you are about to confront to the concerned person about the deadly injury you just survived you will be faced with either of the three situations:
1. They will make an apologetic face, say sorry and blame it on rush (which is true unless of course somewhere sometime in some train you must have done the same with them unknowingly and they remember it)
2. You will be ignored like that stamp or punch never happened (and trust me its better to keep it that way)
3. This one is the most dangerous one I believe where they will shout at you for not standing in a correct way and getting hit.
There can also be times (you know when stars are against you) where you would accidentally hurt someone.. God save you if that lady has had the bad day at work. No matter how much you apologise they will shout so much that there is a possibility you might even have its repeat Telecast in your dreams at night and wake up apologizing.. And if you are young and she is middle-aged or old aged phir toh gaye boss, puri ki puri generation ko gaali padegi.. Now along with this non stop and ever-so-dramatic scene you don’t have to lose your focus from your mission, to get in the compartment at a safe distance before the next station comes or you will be pushed out of train even if that’s not your destination.. Beech mein khadde ho ye toh khun karne ke barabar hai saza toh nischit hai.. So once you get in and find a place to stand, next task is to ask for seats which is a peaceful task unless the poor lady sitting gets confused and allots her seat to two ladies by mistake.. Those two will fight for their seats as if fighting for a man and each of them claiming to be the wife (seat and man both just have to listen when a lady talks).. There are old ladies, pregnant women travelling along with us but not many would give up their seat for them.. Its like some people travel leaving behind their humanity. Now there are many ways you can kill the time in train.. Look around and observe people, read, text, talk on phone or listen to music but if you are immersed into your book or phone and you lose your balance, you are in for a full on gyaan on how bad a person you are..
But still there is a reason we call it the lifeline of Mumbai. It’s through these local trains that lakhs of people go and earn their livelihood.. You never know the problems a person is going through to judge them. Some had a fight with their spouse before heading to work, some didn’t have a good day at work and well some are just born that way to behave badly. But apart from these people there are other people you meet and some become your friends for life. Mostly all have a particular train time set to travel and travelling daily with same people helps us to get good friends. And no age bar to that. An aunt of your grandma’s age can be your friend too, that’s the beauty of it. So it’s not all that bad you know and all these experiences teach you a lot. Except when you reach home and every part of your body is screaming for help because they were brutally kicked and punched in train.. Uhh.. Horrifying..

Sad but true!!!

Some hard-hitting facts..
In this world of Facebook Relationships where u make friends on request, it’s very confusing to maintain a true relation…
where is the heart to heart talk when even the next door neighbor meets you only via twitter, where meeting your virtual friends is as important as meeting the real ones..
We prefer cup noodles more than the yummy paranthas because they are quicker..
Today where the essence of love is instantly decided by Emotional Atyachar n Axe your Ex, it’s very baffling 2 decide what True Love is… Or for that matter does true love even exists or it’s all about infatuation?? How can someone even think of avenging someone whom they loved?? Wasnt love about sacrificing, seeing your lover happy?! Guess these are just my delusions..!!
In earlier days, people didn’t even meet before marriages and yet they have had superb lives and successful marriages but now numerous love marriages end up with divorces, why?? Because people hurry into it way too easily or do people consider options even when in love or because feelings is just a word these days??..
Earlier lovers hardly talked to each other yet they experienced Eternal Love whereas today we spend countless sleepless nights talking/texting to each other yet finally end up wid BREAK UPS. What would be the reason for this, shouldnt closeness make the bond stronger??..
Its like the more closer we come, the farther we go.. 21st century is full of reality shows with nothing REAL in it, Too many well designed houses yet BROKEN HOMES, Beautiful faces yet UGLIEST HEARTS..
Its full of Smart people, brilliant minds, ambiguous diplomats yet lack the common touch of HUMANITY… Here SaunaBELT is more affordable than early morning walk, a one line message is easier than a personal presence on special occasions… I feel most heartbroken to say that it’s all become hell lot materialistic!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 But then again who cares if am sad….people around are so busy with their own whims and fancies that they try to stay out of other people’s problems…exactly opposite to ancient times where problem of mother’s brother’s friends’ mom also seemed personal… Today we just send text messages about everything.. daughters Day, text message.. Independence day, text message.. Aunty’s dad’s brothers’ toes surgery day, text message.. Bah!!
We are all Girls and Boys or Men n Women for that matter but when will we become HUMAN??